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Collections are the best way to get all your favourite poses and sizes all at once, (and at a discounted rate). We offer fantastic collections that can suit anyone’s needs and budget. From a massive family that needs a ton of photos, to just a few for a couple relatives, we’ve got it covered. You can also customize all our collection to suit you even better by choosing what size of photo sheets you want.

Greeting Cards

Want a fun and easy way to show off your accomplishments? Take a look at our custom greeting cards, they’re the quickest way to boast about what you’ve accomplished or to thank those who helped you through the process. We don’t just offer these for grads either, in many of our wedding collections you can choose to include thank you cards for after the big day.

Custom Framed Wall Portraits

We went above and beyond when choosing where to get our frames from. We refused to settle for anything less than the best, which is why we offer Roma frames with our fabulous portraits. Roma is a framing company that designs finely crafted, high quality frames from Italy! They are one of the oldest and best in the world and offer many different designs to go with anyone’s look or taste.

Designer PhotoMats

An elegant way to frame your portraits is by choosing one of our designer photomat prints to amplify your look creatively. Photomats add a unique look to your photos to help them stand out and are completely customizable by adding text of your choice.

PhotoShoot Mats

While they are similar to our PhotoMats these Photoshoot mats are unique by being a creative collage without the work. You get the choice of choosing multiple of your favourite poses to display in one of our creative layouts.


Want something completely different and unique? Say no more, we offer one of a kind story boards that allow you to completely express your academic experience all in one place. It’s completely your choice and story to tell so why not do it elegantly by displaying multiple poses in a custom setting.


SquareMats are a preferred composition that looks great on any wall. Still giving you the freedom to choose your own layout and add text, the SquareMat is one of our most popular items.

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