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5 Ways to Prepare for Pet Photos

Pet grad photos can be overwhelming! Your pet might not be familiar with our studio, and it may take some time to warm up to us (we’re very friendly though). Our number one goal is to bring out you and your pet’s smile so we get that memorable photo. With many years of experience, we like to think we’ve got the hang of it. Here are our tips on how we can make this experience a success for everyone!

Tip #1 - Bring Treats

Imagine this: you’re on the beach and there’s a hot sun and you’re so thirsty, but you’re dedicated to getting a good tan. The only thing you see in sight is a mouth-watering pina colada. Now imagine drinking that while sun tanning. We like to think this is how the pets think during your grad photos. It might be a quick process, or it might take some patience, but a good treat is a sure good motivator. That’s why you should bring their favourite treat so we can reward them for a good pose.

Tip #2 - Bring Cute Accessories

There’s nothing more adorable than a miniature grad cap! Really, any accessory that means something to you makes your photo that much more special. Whether it’s a collar, bandana or bowtie–it’s time to get creative for your grad photos!

" Celebrate your achievement with your furry study buddy!" – Roman (expert photographer)

Tip #3 - Bring a Companion

While you have your own grad photos, it’s easy for your pet to get a little jealous. That’s why bringing someone to keep them company during this time would make all the difference. It’s also a bonus because you get extra moral support!

Tip #4 - Get Inspiration

We always have fun poses in mind, but if you want to go the extra mile, look up some poses on our Instagram or Facebook and take some screenshots, or do a search online. It’s also one more reason to create a new Pinterest board. We love to hear your ideas!

Tip #5 - Don't Overthink It

Okay so we’ve talked about all these tips but what’s the endgame? For YOU to have great photos to remember your graduation. If you haven’t had a chance to follow all these steps, don’t worry. Just come to your grad session with a smile!

What Now?

We hope these tips help you out and we can’t wait to see you and your pet come in for your grad photos. Book your session today! Has this post helped? Give us a like!


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